GetCurrentProcess returns pseudo handle. Really.

The MSDN document on GetCurrentProcess API function is really wired.

GetCurrentProcess Function

Retrieves a pseudo handle for the current process.

OK, what’s the "pseudo handle?" It actually explains it.

A pseudo handle is a special constant, currently (HANDLE)-1, that is interpreted as the current process handle. For compatibility with future operating systems, it is best to call GetCurrentProcess instead of hard-coding this constant value. The calling process can use a pseudo handle to specify its own process whenever a process handle is required. Pseudo handles are not inherited by child processes.

So, What does GetCurrentProcess() do exactly? Does it just return -1? Yes. Here is the disassemble result of the function.

7c80de95 83c8ff          or      eax,0FFFFFFFFh
7c80de98 c3              ret

Probably, this is the most light weight Windows API function.


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