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Buffering delay and MPEG-2 Transport stream

As we discussed in the previous post “What are CBR, VBV, and CPB?”, video decoder has a buffer to compensate the different coded size of each picture. Here is the actual example of the buffer occupancy of a MPEG-2 video … Continue reading

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What are CBR, VBV and CPB?

It’s common mistake to to consider CBR (Constant Bit Rate) as “every frame is allocated the same number of bits”. If it were the case, then what would be the purpose of P or B frames? The whole purpose of … Continue reading

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Debugging std::string argument

When a function takes a parameter of “std::string const&”, it would be a little trickier to debug than the simple “char const*” case. #include <string> extern void print(const std::string& text); int main(int argc, char** argv){ print("Hello World. This is a … Continue reading

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